Corgi Whiskey Glasses

Corgi whiskey glasses are the perfect way to enjoy your favorite spirit. These glasses are high quality and feature a unique dog design that is perfect for enjoying a nice glass of whiskey. Even better, they are ideal to give Corgi dad gifts!

Corgi Whiskey Glasses

for Corgi Whiskey Glasses

Why You Need One

Corgi whiskey glasses have been gaining popularity amongst whiskey connoisseurs in recent years.

These unique glasses feature a design inspired by the beloved Welsh Corgi breed of dog and make for an eye-catching addition to any bar cart or home décor.

Better glasses are made from strong, lead-free crystal glass and come in two sizes – tumbler and double old fashioned (DOF).

The tumbler is ideal for enjoying a neat pour of whiskey while the DOF can hold up to 10 ounces of your favorite spirit.

Both styles feature a wide rim which helps release the flavors and aromas of your drink as you sip it.

Plus, they’re dishwasher safe so cleanup is easy!

Where To Buy Them

These unique glasses are perfect for enjoying your favorite whiskey, or as a fun gift for any dog-lover on your list. The only problem is finding where to buy them.

Fortunately, there are several places online that have what you need.

One place to find Corgi whiskey glasses is Amazon.

On their website they have a wide selection of both glass and ceramic varieties.

With prices ranging from just $10-$15 each, these glasses make an affordable addition to any home bar or collection.

If you’re looking for something more special, they also carry some more ornate designs like etched and hand-painted options so you can get something truly unique.

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